nnovative service model to promote the employment rate of employment in the county continued to ris

Liaoyang County Entrepreneurial service model is to stimulate more entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but also to promote the employment of entrepreneurship, so that the county economy has been better development, so that people’s lives have been greatly improved.

targets with the county employment work, implement the responsibility system at various levels, and carry out the business training and GSP training work, a total of 2 training period, start training business personnel 50 people, professional training and training all personnel 2250 people, to create conditions for the promotion of rural labor employment. "Spring action" and "assistance to disadvantaged groups employment week" and other activities to actively develop public positions, zero employment families to achieve zero dynamic.

to broaden employment channels, to promote the "double", Liaoyang county invested 300 million yuan in two, the innovative Liu Bao Zhen Xiao Zhang Lang village construction of small and medium-sized enterprise incubator, plans to support 3 to 5 venture capital companies, for the county personnel into the base of entrepreneurship play a leading role.

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