This year the province will build 68 levels of passenger stations

Serve the province’s social and economic development, three areas and the construction of the "new two" goal, to improve the province’s urban and rural areas of public transport services equalization level, the province will focus on promoting the construction of passenger and freight transport station project. 2014 is the province’s highway transport hub and station construction of the largest one year, the province plans to rebuild the 68 grades of passenger stations, which is the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in April 16th.

everywhere to build what passenger station? The key of highway hub in our province plans to build and station project, the project of Xining national highway transportation hub passenger station including passenger transport center of Xining passenger transport station, Xining West passenger station and Datong station, freight hub project Chaoyang logistics park and caojiabao bonded logistics park; Golmud national highway transportation hub project including Golmud passenger passenger station center station, Delingha public transport railway station; Haidong national highway transportation hub project includes sea east Ledu passenger station; state (city) government seat of passenger and freight station of Hainan, including the West Sea town, Delingha Haibei Haixi, such as Yushu and Guoluo and Yushu passenger station (Jiegu) Logistics Park freight station; county seat passenger station including the Kumbum Monastery in Huangzhong public transport hub.

timely start key scenic tourist passenger with tourism development in our province actual station, will start the construction of Kanbula, Qinghai Lake, and other key scenic spots in Beishan passenger station project timely.

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