Accelerate the construction of public satisfaction with the city living room

July 7th, mayor Wang Yubo led by Vice Mayor and relevant departments responsible comrades, supervision and Inspection Center Plaza North expansion, sunning Plaza, underground parking lot renovation project progress in. Wang Yubo stressed that the city square is the embodiment of urban taste, showing the image of the city, the service is the masses of the people, is the public living room of all the people. The project construction unit must be in accordance with the requirements of complete functions, rich cultural heritage, public recognition of the satisfaction of the standard requirements, safe, efficient, civilized organization construction, and strive to build the site as soon as possible and put into use.

in the Central Plaza North expansion project Plaza, resettlement area construction site, Wang Yubo detailed inspection of the project safety construction, civilized construction organization, understand the project schedule. He pointed out that the construction safety is the bottom line north extension project strict requirements of the central square, the project construction units, construction units, supervision units to take responsibility for safety levels to implement every link, every detail, a responsible person, to ensure the safe and orderly construction project. Two to scientific organizations, civilized construction. The project construction unit shall, on the basis of careful simulation demonstration, formulate a scientific and civilized construction organization plan. Focus on several key nodes at the junction of the traffic organization, strengthen the guidance of traffic signs, the construction of the surrounding residents, owners, units of production and life, the impact of traffic organization to a minimum. Three to speed up the construction progress. Must be determined in accordance with the early goal and guarantee the quality of construction, to ensure that the central square of the North expansion project on the north side of public leisure Square before the end of the year open to the public, the Yangtze River Road on the eastern side of the end of October next year, the completion of the main resettlement area. Four municipal construction committee and other relevant units to do a good job of supervision and service security, to ensure the safety of the project quickly.

in the sunning Plaza underground parking construction site, a comprehensive renovation project to be fully completed Wang Yubo requirements, open to the public in accordance with the requirements of the square at the end of July, carefully organize the construction strength, speed up the construction progress of the square. At the same time, it is necessary to refine the existing square landscape, and then improve, and then enhance, to create a modern, atmospheric, simple, beautiful square landscape, to ensure that the harmony and unity of the landscape and the surrounding landscape.


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