CPPCC golden ideas into people’s great benefits

Since the first and the two session of the thirteen CPPCC Xining city

, submitted a total of 235 pieces of the proposal, after examination, 20 pieces of the proposal on the same content were combined finishing, 25 pieces of advice as a treatment, 20 not to file the case, filed a total of 170. Among them, 117 members of the proposal, the Democratic Party and the Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce proposal of 53 pieces.

proposal to 41 units for handling, as of the end of November 2012, the proposal has been completed for all the answers. From handling the situation, the proposals have been resolved or accepted (a proposal) 125, accounting for 73.5%; included in the plan to solve or intend to adopt the (class B proposal) 30, accounting for 17.7%; due to various factors cannot solve temporarily for reference (C proposal) 15, accounting for 8.8%. The rate of satisfaction with the results of the above 95%. These proposals are highly valued by the municipal government and the relevant units, and seriously dealt with, in order to promote the healthy development of the city’s economic and social development has made a positive contribution.

Since the first and the two session of the thirteen CPPCC around

, change the mode of economic development, improve the "three rural" work, strengthening ecological construction, protect the safety of drinking water, accelerate the development of private economy, stabilize prices, raised a total of 40 proposals, accounting for 23.5% of the total registered, after processing, absorbed many opinions and suggestions to the Party committee and government decision-making, development planning and operation of the Department; around a city, open city traffic, accelerate the transformation of the old city, housing security, protection of city public facilities were put forward 59 proposals, accounting for 34.7% of the total filing, Party committees and government departments for decision-making and provide important reference for many suggestions, after. Be carefully solved or actively adopted; put forward 36 proposals on education, culture, science and technology, health, food safety and other aspects, the total case 21.2%, after processing, promote to solve practical problems; put forward 35 proposals on strengthening public security fire control work, improve the people’s mediation work, talent, employment, social security, accounting for 20.6% of the total registered, after processing, a strong impetus to the work. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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