Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Tunnel through No 3 in second tier pay

In August 15th, a reporter from the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway construction headquarters learned by the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway twenty-one Bureau of China railway construction pay in No. 3 tunnel on the afternoon of August 13th through the victory.

it is understood that the tunnel through the 3, located in the east of the city territory, a total length of 1605 meters, is a double line composite tunnel. Due to the steep slope of the entrance hole, the surface of the cave is undulating, and the mudstone and gypsum are widely distributed in the tunnel. The geological condition is poor, the safety risk is high, and the construction is very difficult. Therefore, since the beginning of June this year, the tunnel, the construction sector will continue to optimize the design of the construction organization, carefully developed a special construction program to solve the problem of soft rock tunnel deformation. Because of the weak surrounding rock, to grasp the dynamic of the surrounding rock and supporting dynamic, construction personnel actively advance geological forecast work, timely adjustment according to the actual tunnel construction and supporting scheme, to ensure the stability of the surrounding rock and the safety of construction. (author: Hu Youjun)


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