The province introduced 20 financial initiatives to support the supply side structural reforms

In order to further improve the financing environment and support enterprises to supply side structural reforms, promote industrial structural adjustment steady growth and increase the efficiency, the day before, the provincial government office forwarded Xining Central Branch of people’s Bank, the provincial finance office and other 9 departments "on the financial support of enterprise supply side structural reforms to promote industrial structural adjustment steady growth and increase the efficiency of opinion".

opinion noted that good and innovative financial instruments to support industrial efficiency upgrades, is an important part of the financial services to better serve the real economy. To establish the system of corporate financial services host bank, to guide financial institutions to promote the use of intellectual property rights, patent pledge, payment settlement, warehouse orders, equity pledge, etc.. Through the issuance of corporate bonds, corporate bonds, private debt, project revenue bills, asset-backed securities and other direct financing instruments, and effectively broaden the financing channels for enterprises. To establish the cooperation between banks and information sharing mechanism, scientific use of credit data, the development of credit products, establish linkage mechanism of fund investment and bank loans, actively through proxy payment between supply chain enterprises accounts receivable pledge, etc., for the enterprises on the chain to provide financing support.

opinion requirements, to implement differentiated industrial credit policy, to guide financial institutions to improve credit access standards. Actively support the "Internet plus", intelligent manufacturing, a new generation of information technology industry support emerging industries, traditional industries in the field of temporary difficulties, but the prospects for the enterprise does not reduce the loan, the loan does not push, in order to ensure that the enterprise fund chain link. Rational use of refinancing, rediscount and other monetary policy tools to guide financial institutions to increase the efficiency of industrial upgrading, weak links, livelihood areas, the development of green loans. We should give full play to the insurance function, actively support the advanced manufacturing industry in emerging industries, and other financing through direct insurance.


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