Spring Festival holiday in Xining is not now heavily polluted weather seven days a good number of da

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a proposal to promote the public to put less or no fireworks, a low-carbon, healthy spring festival. So, this year’s Spring Festival holiday during the fireworks on the air quality? Air quality in the end how? Reporters learned from the Ministry of environmental protection monitoring data, the Spring Festival holiday seven days, Xining air quality is good for 4 days, 2 days of mild pollution, moderate pollution for 1 days, there is no serious pollution weather.

fireworks was on air pollution

pollution peak in the first month is a

from the peak concentration of pollution in Xining this year, new year’s Eve night peak time and pollution concentration appeared the same as last year, but the peak concentration is higher than last year. Is the beginning of the two to sixth month (February 9th to February 13th), with the reduction of fireworks, air quality continues to improve, the air quality index in February 13th is close to the optimal level, which is rare in previous years.  

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