The eastern two public kindergarten opened in October is expected to accommodate 630 children

after a period of construction, two East District public kindergarten enrollment is expected in October this year, the park opened.

August 25th, according to the staff of the East District Education Bureau, in order to further standardize the development of pre-school education, Chengdong District inventory of idle resources, the use of the original North Street primary school site implementation of Fernando kindergarten art in new projects, plans to invest 15 million 300 thousand yuan, the total construction area of 3385 square meters, has 9 classes, can accommodate 270 children into the garden, at present the teaching building has been completed, ongoing interior decoration and outdoor engineering. In addition, the eastern part of the Xining Municipal People’s Government in the implementation of the National Institute of nursing homes in the new project, plans to invest 8 million yuan, with a total construction area of 3216 square meters, with a total of 12 classes, can accommodate up to 360 children. The two public kindergarten enrollment strive to open in October.


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