Science and Technology Museum closed the original new action

science and Technology Museum has been a lot of parents and children love to go to the place, recently, the provincial science and Technology Museum closed, which makes many parents and children are particularly concerned about, "the Museum of science and technology, why what time can open and closed after the opening of the museum is what highlights……" In response to this series of questions, the evening news reporter interviewed the person in charge of the provincial science and technology museum.

science and Technology Museum why close

according to the deputy director of the provincial science and Technology Museum Han Changqing introduction, in support of the provincial government, Qinghai province science and technology museum since the October 2011 opening, always facing the public open free of charge, annual reception number has remained steady at 60000 people, inside and outside the province by the public love and praise, and achieved good social benefits. In 5 years, with the continued opening of venues, reception of the huge amount of the damaged part exhibits a rate increase, exhibition to display the content and the form cannot meet the public demand for cognitive development of science and technology change rapidly, and the heating temperature is too low, hall building structure leaking and other transformation needs to continue to meet the general public to improve science the quality of the demand, give full play to the role of science science and Technology Museum, for the renovation of the pavilion and the part of the hardware facilities, so from March 1st to stop opening. Previously, the provincial science and Technology Museum has issued a notice.

When the

provincial science and Technology Museum opened

since its opening in October 2011, the provincial science and Technology Museum as the province’s largest youth science and technology activities, to undertake the social oriented, the masses to carry out the task of science education. However, because of the exhibition space is large, the laying of the floor heating problems have become increasingly prominent, which makes the science and Technology Museum in winter is very cold, affecting all tour experience, therefore, venues upgrading imperative. It is understood that the transformation and upgrading of the provincial science and Technology Museum consists of two major parts, one is the venue heating equipment, the exhibition hall is part of the transformation and upgrading of the two. In accordance with the progress of work, the work will be closed in March 1st after 3 months time to complete the transformation of HVAC, tentatively scheduled to open in June 1st. By then, the general public at home and abroad to visit a new Provincial Museum of science and technology, to participate in the experience of the activities of science and technology activities.

After the opening of

and what new highlights

it is understood that in this exhibition will be upgraded for the two layer of the original human wisdom, science and technology, the theme of the exhibition, the theme of the exhibition will be merged into the two exploration and discovery theme exhibition. The update exhibits more than 110 pieces (sets), are interactive exhibits, to demonstrate the basic subject oriented principle, to encourage the public, especially young people to discover the mysteries of Science in experience tour to explore. According to Han Changqing introduction, the upgrading of the total investment of 15 million yuan, all exhibits more interactive exhibition items, both mathematical and mechanical, electrical, optical, acoustic and electromagnetic principle and other basic science content, and the integration of life science, environmental science, space technology, energy and information technology comprehensive subject knowledge, more than 90% items of interactive exhibits, to;

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