Small and micro enterprises to reduce tax relief pressure

days ago, the reporter learned from the tax department, since small and micro enterprises preferential implementation as of now, the city of Xining city district that Small and micro businesses 485 households, which enjoy tax relief policy of the 340 enterprises, tax cuts amounting to 1 million 850 thousand yuan, greatly alleviate the pressure of Small and micro businesses.

according to the introduction, in the implementation of preferential tax policies, many Small and micro businesses lack of professional financial accounting personnel, in order to allow enterprises to understand and grasp the tax preferential policies Small and micro businesses, the tax department promptly organize the staff to take the initiative to contact with the enterprise, the enterprise to explain the relevant policies and regulations to guide enterprises for the identification procedures, so that these enterprises understand the government on the Small and micro businesses preferential tax policies, and through the transition hall declaration and online reporting, to limit the tax is not enough, according to the provisions in the declaration hall directly realize the amount of relief, to fully enjoy the Small and micro businesses, to inform their online reporting, saving time and cost for the enterprise. (author: Yang Jian)

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