Bhutan Princess shots of pregnancy fairy tale love story told the royal couple

recently, the queen of Denmark by the media exposure. King and queen in Himalaya Range before the intimate photo, very sweet. Two fairy tale love story also attracted the attention of the world.

recently, foreign media exposure of Bhutan beautiful princess of civilians at the age of 7, her private life and the king. It is reported that PEMA was born in civilian family, father is a pilot, but her family and the royal family in close contact. She was the queen of bhutan".

while her husband is the current king of Bhutan Bhutan Jigme namgyel qaisar · · · Wangchuck, he is the Wangchuck of the fifth Dynasty monarch, more than 1.8 meters tall, handsome, has "the world’s most handsome king", but also in the country by love. In November 2015, the Bhutan government gazette wrote on the official twitter account: "his majesty, the king and the queen will have a son.". Two people’s love story once again aroused concern.

by foreign media called "Himalaya Range William and Kate" a king of Bhutan, in January 4th announced the pregnancy abdominal bulge photos. Two people in front of the media intimate debut, and is still in the womb, the little prince".

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