Days before the death of a woman down the fence to reflect the high altitude falling rock

last month, 3, Beijing, a district down the fence to kill a woman. 4 meters long fence will be hit Wang Lan, leading to his death. Wang Lan smashed the day before, there are residents to reflect the phenomenon of falling stone roof area, but the property has been said to have strengthened.

Name: Wang Lan

Gender: female

birthplace: Inner Mongolia

The reason: the accidental death of


2015 December 3rd at 11 am, Wang Lan, a 62 year old, walked out of the house as usual. And his son in the area opposite the small restaurant business is getting more and more prosperous, she intends to go to the store to interview the new waiter.

"bang" sound, just passing by Wang Lan, smashed the.

The iron fence falling in the

2015 December 2nd, Pan Yang dialed the property of the phone, feedback 46 buildings near the emergence of high-altitude falling stones again. The reply is "the reinforcement has been strengthened, and the reinforcement is also done".

"bang" sound, just out of the house not to recommend two

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