Drink brewed brewed wine Wine poisoning prone to harmful substances

many people love brewed at home Wine, but you know, drink brewed Wine is likely to lead poisoning. Because the health status of indigenous private wine standard, easily lead to accidents.


coincidentally, Zhang Hunan from drinking brewed Wine poisoning nearly blind, according to Mr. Zhang recalled, a few days ago he invited a few friends at home for dinner, and treat everyone with home brewed Wine. In the evening, Mr. Zhang suddenly feel heart beat, chest tightness, and blurred vision. The family found him tremble, purple lips, immediately call the 120 emergency call, send him to hospital.

How to stay away from the

right Wine brewed method: wash, dry control, juice, grape sugar, and yeast, also added potassium sulfite is sulfur dioxide, 250 mg per liter. Potassium sulfite plays an important role in sterilization, clarification, dissolution, acid and antioxidation. Fermentation temperature control, do not place the container in the hot place, red wine fermentation temperature suitable for 28 to 32 DEG C, white wine fermentation temperature of about 20 degrees celsius. General fermentation for 3 to 7 days, the skin residue floating up, completely separated from the juice, and then use gauze to filter, and then close the grape juice for a week or so, is the ideal wine in our minds.

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