Low cost venture capital project

believes that everyone has their own entrepreneurial dream, but because of the shortage of funds, many people give up the idea. In fact, the hands of the funds are not many entrepreneurs who can choose to start a low-cost venture capital projects.

low cost venture capital project: convenience store

this is not a big business, but we live in and around everywhere, also cannot do without our life, to open a convenience store in any area or street will have a good business, although it is a business with a small capital but it is not, if you want to keep going by painstaking effort, this big business with a small capital is not impossible. That chain operation is a good method.

low cost venture capital project: office furniture

but you need to be aware that small business people in the city is limited, so do the office furniture although there are profits but the crucial point is the entrepreneur must have contacts, because your customers generally not to the small shop owner, but large enterprises or units, or it is the wedding dress for others, should be carefully considered.

low cost venture capital project: down jacket refurbished shop

with the soaring prices, down jacket prices are ridiculously high, which brings new opportunities for the down clothing store. Now almost every family has a few old down jacket, the clothes are old, but the inside of the velvet is good. To open a down jacket renovation shop, in addition to tailoring the staff, it is best to have a designer, can design a stylish charm down jacket style. The site can be selected in a clothing shop near the fabric. This can not only ensure that many types of fabrics, fabrics can also operate other businesses. Can provide semi-finished jacket by renovation, down jacket manufacturers to provide semi-finished products of eider down, there is no filler in the skin, and then by the guests out of the old jacket in eiderdown, made by the workers after filling.

low cost venture capital project: lottery station

today, any one of the lottery station business are good, because everyone is eager to make a fortune, but one thing is not very easy to get rich, so the lottery has become a way many people dream of getting rich, but with the development of science and technology, probably will also be available on the Internet to buy lottery tickets. Therefore, the lottery station start-up will also have certain limitations.

low cost venture capital project: send food door

for home delivery I’m afraid we are not unfamiliar, but to send food home is a new line of business, in fact, for many people, for their choice of fresh vegetables is still necessary, they think their cooking is more safe and more nutritious, recommended

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