Tesla Model 3 V9 Software Review Video

“Larry Benjamin shows most of the features of the newly released Version 9 Software. This includes improvements to the autopilot vehicle recognition, redesigned navigation controls, better organized media selections, classic Atari video games and dash cam recording.” Tesla Model 3 Tesla Release Notes And Media Overload For Software Version 9.0 Source: Electric Vehicle News Cars.com Conducts Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen Test: It’s A Star! Tesla Software Version 9: New Versus Old Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 17, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News New software brings substantial improvement to the Tesla Model 3.Larry Benjamin, as promised in the Tesla Model 3 review after 7 months of ownership, presents the follow-up video on V9 software.Here are the topics:autopilot vehicle recognition (shows sizes of vehicles as well as pedestrians/motorcycles)redesigned navigation controls (closer to the driver)redesigned ventilation control (nice looking animation)app launcherbetter organized media selectionsweb access (could be distracting)classic Atari video games (only when Park)dash cam recording (using pen drive)Autopilot (getting better)

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