Qiu Xia doshop management to name the image has been enhanced

store in the end showing what kind of an image in front of the customer, which is really a big influence on the store’s business. My name is Qiu Xia, Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City Lianyun District Wen Dan convenience store owner. In 2013, I opened a convenience store in the North road. At first, I think as long as their own good service, reasonable prices, customers naturally come. However, contrary to expectations, how can I not go home sales. Once, I asked others to know, the original customer is too bad my store image. In this regard, I am not convinced that the image is good and can not eat! Therefore, my business is not good, the more do not want to enhance the image; the image is not good, the worse the business.

Guanyun County tobacco companies account manager Xu Qingzao every time I come to the store to do my job, let me tidy up the store, enhance the image. He also carried out in accordance with the company’s 7S terminal management standards (finishing, rectify, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety, saving) personally in my store image of the demonstration finishing. Not to mention, the store he has been really bright. However, as long as he walks, I readily trouble again, less than two days, the store again becomes a mess, so Xu shook his head in the morning.

in order to completely change my bad habits, in November last year, Xu Qing came to my shop and put a sign on the wall, asked me to comply with the above standards. After he left, I carefully looked at the "standard", the share is quite detailed, the store settings, display have made provisions. At first, I didn’t think it would work. The sign was on the wall for more than a week, and I didn’t do it.

husband to see this brand is very interested in the implementation of the store image in accordance with this standard must be able to get better. He advised me, "it takes a while to try everything. Moreover, the store had no business, it is better to use a week to try." In her husband’s persuasion, my heart, every day from seven aspects of the counter and the store to organize the specification. At first, I was not used to it, because some things have been placed for a long time, but it is not easy to find a good, but when the husband will come to help me. Xu Qingzao also encouraged me by my actions, which strengthened my determination to carry on.

is not a book. At that time coincided with the tobacco companies to engage in functional terminal construction, in the early morning of some persuasion, I am determined to come to a radical change. I replaced the standard shop counter function unified, re design of the back cabinet, the cigarette display area have also been adjusted, the cigarette display area for placed in accordance with the "positioning standard 7S": cash in the first drawer, service manual, the price tag on the second drawer, cupboard under the classification of the cigarette according to the price of storage space is saved, but also easy to find.

rectification, the old customers into the store will be shocked, doubt for the owner, all boast store >

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