Huang braised chicken rice fat fat everywhere people predict the future

braised chicken Steamed Rice has now begun to enter into many city, recently, in the Anhui capital of Hefei area is very popular, and a short period of time also opened a lot of home, along with many Hefei people’s taste buds.


silence after half a century, the descendants of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice opened the first Yang Mingyu braised chicken Steamed Rice in Ji’nan". Subsequently, braised chicken Steamed Rice popular in its birthplace, different brands everywhere, all over on both sides of the Changjiang River.

to braised chicken as the keyword search in the U.S. group net, and Hefei has 499. It is no exaggeration, braised chicken Steamed Rice occupied the entire Hefei market, from the United States Mission online will be able to feel the smoke, you can imagine, yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice next will be a tough battle. Shushan alone there are more than 20, even at a junction there are several different brands of braised chicken rice, I do not know how long this crazy copy can last?

causes rapid spread

1. production process is simple

2. access system low

"yellow chicken stew" brand hybrid, franchise disorder. The threshold is too low, on the one hand to facilitate the national entrepreneurship, activate the entrepreneurial passion of ordinary people. On the other hand, the threshold is too low for those who just want to take gold in this field after the withdrawal of the civilian feast speculators provide convenient ways.

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