Zhengzhou Jinshui held the first national college students innovation and entrepreneurship contest

innovation and entrepreneurship spring blowing over the land of China, the wave of college students in the autumn and winter in 2015 to re launch. A number of new initiatives to support entrepreneurial college students have sprung up like mushrooms. Leading young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

"on behalf of the province’s 1 million 770 thousand college students expressed sincere thanks!" This is the Provincial Department of education student researcher Yang Zhanjun of the words from the bottom of the heart. He said that the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship can grow just unfolding torrent, and can support the family, but also social wealth, is a country in one fell swoop win good works.

The person in charge of

Deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

"to do good work, must first sharpen his tools". Business cannot do without the guidance of training, city employment and Social Council deputy director of the office of sowing the extremely elegant and valuable: in the face of college students, entrepreneurship training, free of charge; open the incubation platform, training base; construction funds, financing platform, seamless.

as "host", located in the relevant responsible person made series of commitments: to provide free space, funding, quality projects to give financial support, the implementation of the tax relief.

Most investors see what part of

"Chinese dream and personal dreams, closely linked. Innovation and entrepreneurship in the spring, it is recommended to sow farming

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