The highest success rate of the seven modes of entrepreneurship

for entrepreneurs, it is important to find a suitable way of business, and this is the premise of the entrepre easy success, can provide great help for your career path, this entrepreneurial way is worth choosing.


is pioneering in the work, such as the choice of part-time teachers, training teacher: entrepreneurship training consultant can choose part-time salesman; part-time agent of other products sold; designers can set up their own studio; editor and contributor toward media creation, development; accounting, financial consultant agent for account management; translation can be part-time translation and interpretation, legal advisers and lawyers; part-time firms; planner part-time advertising, brand, marketing, public relations consulting; of course, you can also choose the franchise; customer incentive plan etc..

members with complementary or have a common interest in the team entrepreneurship. Today, entrepreneurship is not purely the pursuit of personal heroism, the probability of success of the team to start business is much higher than the individual entrepreneurship. A research and development, technology, market financing, and other aspects of the complementary advantages of the entrepreneurial team, is the magic weapon for entrepreneurial success, especially for high-tech start-ups.

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