Oppo shows off new waterfall display that stretches screen around the side

first_img Taking borderless smartphone innovation to new heights, we’re thrilled to give you a first look at ‘Waterfall Screen’ technology. 🤯What do you think the screen-to-body ratio is on this prototype? 😏 pic.twitter.com/99AQKh9ZgH— OPPO (@oppo) July 29, 2019 Tags As one would expect with a prototype, Oppo did not share pricing, release date or even an indication on when the display might go into production. A brand that is not widely sold in the US, Oppo has in the past shared some manufacturing and components with its subsidiary OnePlus, which does sell phones in the US. It is, however, unclear if Oppo will be sharing the new display tech with its subbrand. Oppo did not immediately respond to a request for comment. OnePlus declined to comment.  Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 7 Comments CNET may get a commission from retail offers. See it Review • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review: Breaking the mold and the bank in the quest for curve $799 Share your voice Phones Mentioned Above Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (charcoal black) Oppo’s new prototype has an edge-to-edge “waterfall” display that extends the screen over the sides of the phone.  Oppo Displays that wrap around the edges of modern high-end Android phones have been increasing in popularity since the first Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. As companies now look to extend the bendable display idea to foldable phones, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is continuing to stretch out the edges of wraparound screens on more traditional devices. In a new prototype shared on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, Oppo on Monday showed off a “waterfall screen” that appears to even further extend the display around the sides of the phone. There are still slight bezels along the top, bottom and sides of the device, but the screen does seem to push the technology further than prior phones. When looking at the phone on a slight angle with a nonwhite background the side bezels almost disappear.  Oppolast_img

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