The attendance machine ten brand list the whole

traditional signature attendance is no longer popular at present, and the higher content of science and technology attendance machine began to be more widely used. Of course, because the market demand, leading to the attendance of the large market brand is also very much. So, attendance machine which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the attendance of the top ten brands list, so as to help consumers choose to more suitable attendance machine products.

attendance machine ten brand list NO.1, in control: high-tech enterprises, one of the world’s largest biometric identification of civilian products, one of the core technology provider /OEM manufacturers, Shenzhen city in the control of Biological Identification Technology Co., ltd..

attendance ten brands list NO.2, Comet Comet, Guangdong famous brand, Guangzhou famous trademarks, shredder / China’s attendance of the largest and most professional OEM export bases, Guangzhou Comet Limited by Share Ltd.

attendance ten brands list NO.3, Hanvon: national protection of trademarks, well-known trademarks in Beijing City, ten attendance machine brand, one of the largest e-book manufacturers, Hanvon Polytron Technologies Inc.

attendance ten brands list, NO.4 Suityou Shute: Hi tech enterprise R & D and production, sales and service as one of the earliest in one of the smart card applications in the field of enterprise, Xiamen Shute Technology Co. ltd..

attendance ten brands list, NO.5 Shun Ho gemet GEMET: R & D and production / sales and service in one enterprise, one of the larger domestic manufacturer of machinery industry scale, Beijing Shun Ho GEMET Electronic Technology Co., ltd..

attendance machine ten brand list: Golden Golden NO.6, the famous kinds of binding machine / shredder / molding machine and related equipment R & D and production of series of attendance card production enterprises, Beijing dishibi Technology Co. ltd..

attendance ten brands list, NO.7 will weds: high-tech enterprises, the identification industry leader, a number of national patent products, ten attendance machine brand, Yantai Weier Data System Co Ltd.

attendance ten brands list NO.8, anviz ANVIZ:2001, high-tech enterprises, ten large attendance machine brand, one of the pioneers of the development of Chinese biometrics industry, Shanghai anviz Technology Co. ltd..

attendance machine ten brand list NO.9, Plo Barker: Beijing Olympic Games " bird’s nest " fingerprint lock supplier, the Swiss KABA group’s enterprise, fingerprint lock > ten

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