Kelso High reopens bathrooms after shutdown for vaping illegal behavior

first_imgLONGVIEW — After spending 12 days with at least a third of the school’s bathrooms closed, Kelso High School students can now use any of the restrooms in the school, according to a district news release.The school closed six of the 12 bathrooms from Dec. 17-21, and four of the 12 from Jan. 7-15 due to “reasons related to student safety and illegal behavior.” District officials declined to elaborate on the cause for the closures.Brian Osterloh, father of a Kelso High School senior, said school officials told him the bathrooms were closed to “curb kids from vaping.” District spokeswoman Michele Larsen confirmed that vaping was one of the illegal behaviors in question.Osterloh learned of the situation when his daughter came home, complaining that she’d received a tardy after “being diverted to go to another restroom” between passing periods. The bathroom nearest her classroom was closed, he said.“All of the bathrooms were locked down other than main street,” said Osterloh, referring to the hallway that runs through the heart of the school.last_img

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