Verizon Galaxy Nexus jumps to Android 422 dont expect another update

first_imgThe Android update discussion is never a good one. It used to be that as long as you had a Nexus, you were guaranteed timely updates. Then that changed to as long as you had a GSM or WiFi Nexus, you were able to get the latest and greatest from Google. Now, for Verizon Wireless customers, it seems that if you wait long enough you might still get the latest update.The Verizon Galaxy Nexus %displayPrice% at %seller% hasn’t had an update since version 4.1. In that time, Google has released four major updates with new features and services that remained unavailable to Verizon subscribers. Unless you were savvy enough to root and install CyanogenMod on your Galaxy Nexus, you were stuck in the past. Now, thanks to some incredibly hard work from the Android Open Source Project group at Google, everything Verizon needs to push the 4.2.2 update is at their fingertips. All they need to do it push the button, and OTA updates will start rolling out on to phones across the US.While this is great news for Verizon subscribers who bought into the Nexus myth last year, it’s important to realize that this is more than likely the last update we will see for this phone. Google has already moved on to this year’s model, and as Nexus S owners of yesteryear will recall that pretty much spells End Of Life for the Galaxy Nexus. Before too long, Google will be looking into the next version of Android with the next piece of hardware. Meanwhile Verizon has replaced the Galaxy Nexus on shelves with newer and more exciting phones, so the user base will continue to shrink.While this only further highlights the problems in the Android update system, the Galaxy Nexus is the first Android 4.2.2 phone. Its users can now take advantage of improved battery life, more advanced NFC features, and the new PhotoSphere camera feature.Verizon hasn’t announced when the OTA updates will start, but the images are already available online if you have a rooted phone. While the current landscape makes it seem unlikely that Google And Verizon will be teaming up for the next Nexus, this update sends a pretty clear message of what to expect if it happens again.last_img

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