Germany smash Qatar in Leipzig

Germany stayed powerful squad even 40 days after golden party in Krakow! Dagur Sigurdsson guys smashed Qatar 32:17 in front of 7.000 fans in Leipzig, in their first friendly match. Valero Rivera had no answer for fantastic German defense with Andreas Wollf between the posts…Germany – Qatar 32:17 (17:9)Germany: Gensheimer (4/1), Sellin (4/1), Groetzki (4), Ernst (4), Wiede (3), Häfner (3), Kühn (3), Drux (3), Lemke (2), Pevnov (1), Späth (1)Qatar: Capote (6), Roine (4/2), Bagaric (3), Lopez (2), Fernandez (1), Tomic (1) für Katar germany handballQatar handball ← Previous Story HANDBALL MANIA IN WETZLAR: “Ausverkauft” until summer 2016 Next Story → Season is over for Xavier Barachet!

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