Two Members of Moroccos Royal Armed Forces Die in Helicopter Crash

Rabat – A Royal Armed Forces (FAR) helicopter crashed on Friday in the Tichla region in southern Morocco, killing two crew members.Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) quoted sources from the military who said that the pilot and a non-commissioned engineer officer were killed in the helicopter crash.Other members of the crew also sustained minor injuries. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the crash.The incident comes several months after the crash of a Royal Air Force Mirage F1 fighter plane in the Taounate region of northern Morocco in January.The pilot of the fighter plane managed to eject from the helicopter without sustaining injuries.The crash occurred in an uninhabited area and did not cause any collateral damage in the area.In 2015, a Royal Air Force Mirage F1 airplane also crashed near the Sidi Slimane Air Base, northeast of Rabat. The airplane crashed after hitting a “flock of large birds,” but the pilot managed to eject safely. FAR reported that there were no casualties from the crash, which occurred in an uninhabited area.

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