Trekking: Soak it up with Nomad’s Collapsible Hot Tub

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Man isn’t meant to stay indoors — our weekly “Trekking” column can attest to that. It’s a column dedicated to the adventurer inside of all of us, the one pining to ditch the office humdrum for a seven-week jaunt in the Grand Tetons, or fiending to catch some waves someplace other than the North Shore. One day we may highlight a new ultra-light camping stove or minimalist water filter, and the next you may find us getting wrapped up in a set of Norquayco’s handmade canoe paddles. Life doesn’t just happen inside the workplace and home, so get outside and live it.The great outdoors may be a luxury in its own right, but it doesn’t always boast the kind of stay-at-home comfort afforded by some of our favorite amenities. Thankfully, you no longer have to haphazardly scour the nearby mountains or rushing rivers for a geothermal spring in which to soak your bones after a long day on the trail — the original Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub ($550) has you covered from all angles.Available in three distinct colors and weighing just under 20 pounds with the included frame, the 225-gallon hot accommodates up to four adults within its 60-inch diameter. Although Nomad recommends using Honda’s lightweight WX10 water pump, the simple device is quick to erect and fill when using virtually any water pump, allowing you to setup shop just as easily in your own backyard as beside a piece of driftwood on your favorite beach. Once properly filled, the company’s stainless steel heater coil heats the vinyl tub and circulates water using a natural process known as thermosyphoning. The coil can steadily heat 100 gallons of 50-degree water to 100 degrees within a mere hour, whether you prefer to fuel the device using propane, natural gas, or firewood. Moreover, the hot tub conveniently packs down into a 16 x 16-inch dry bag for ultimate portability when not in use. Hell, we’d even go so far as to venture your standard duffel bag isn’t much smaller than that.Check out the Nomad’s limited line of collapsible and galvanized hot tubs online to make a purchase or for more information. How to Enjoy Your Campfires Responsibly The Ultimate Pillow Guide: The 6 Best Pillows for All Sleepers The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch with a Date The Lazy Man’s Guide on How to Make Hard Apple Cider Rum 101: An Introduction to the Different Types of Rum and How They’re Made last_img

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