Smart coatings market space considerable

coating is the focus of attention in the building materials industry, in today’s environmental protection deeply rooted in the field of coatings has also undergone great changes. Intelligent coating is a new concept, which is relative to traditional coating. Relevant information shows that smart coatings is expected to become the new darling of the market, its broad application prospects for the paint industry to create a considerable market space.

has proposed the concept of intelligent, is compared with the traditional paint, the traditional paint generally refers to the coating material only has protective and decorative properties, usually these properties is one-way, that is to say that the performance can not be with the change of the surrounding environment and response, and "smart" is just the contrary, intelligence changes you can paint on the external environment of the corresponding feedback in a controlled way, special performance adaptive, so that the coating to remain valid.

from the research and development of intelligent paint, intelligent coating performance can be obtained through three basic steps. The first is the choice of additives, suitable additives need to have unique performance, enough to meet the requirements of the "intelligent" performance in the formula; the second is to paint resin, pigment and selection of raw materials, these materials from a single performance to meet the basic properties of the coating, but the formula can satisfy the basic properties of the coating collocation, including a variety of mechanical properties and resistance properties of the outside is achieved again; environmental feedback coating.

The current mainstream

The transmission type intelligent coating fatigue

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