Megha Parmar, Bhawna Dehriya relive their death-defying journey from Madhya Pradesh to Mount Everest

first_imgMegha Parmar had a vision of standing on the top of the world. On her way to achieve her dream, she failed as well, but that did not deter her. On May 22 this year, Megha had achieved what she wanted to when she became the first woman from Madhya Pradesh to reach the summit of Mount Everest.Four hours after Megha Parmar summited the Everest, another girl from her state, Bhawna Dehriya also achieved the feat. However at that time, MP’s first woman to climb Earth’s highest mountain was in hospital, fighting snow blindness.Speaking at the India Today Mind Rocks Indore 2019, Megha Parmar shared her journey to Mount Everest and her near-death experience.”I lost my glasses at the what is called death zone at the Mount Everest and that lead to snow blindless. I was short on Oxygen cylinders and out of it at the death zone. I was so close to death and just seconds away from dying. My last thought was that if I survive this, I would plant trees (which I actually did). Just when I thought I am about to die, I got help,” Megha said at the India Today Mind Rocks Indore 2019.As many as 220 climbers attempted to summit the Everest on May 22 resulting in a deadly ‘traffic jam’ near the so-called ‘death zone’ of Everest. The ‘death zone’, is at an altitude of between 26,000 and 29,000 feet and it is named so because there is low oxygen level at that point and sub-zero temperatures.advertisementBhawna Dehriya, the other girl to climb Everest from MP also shared her struggles to achieve her dream as she had to wait for four long years for that due to lack of financial support.An expedition to the Everest is a costly affair. A climber has to pay anywhere between Rs 25-35 lakh per summit which includes Rs 11 lakh towards permit charges levied by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).Bhawna belonged to a middle class family and she said her father did not have that much money.”I had trained for mountaineering but when I was eligible for it I got to know that it was quite expensive and cost around 60-70 lacs. I belong to a middle class family and my father could not support that amount. So someone adviced me to look for sponsership.””I was also graduating at that time but I was so passionate so I kept on mailing for sponsership.””I had to wait for 4 years for it. Wherever I went, they asked for reference for sponsership, but I had none. So I had to face a lot of rejections. I got no support. All the big companies and the politicians rejected me.”Also Seelast_img

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