Jilin is now suspected of high speed northeast leopard was photographed

recently suspected of Jilin northeast leopard, a car on the recorder to capture a large cat running on the highway. Although the animal species can be completely determined, but it can be confirmed that the local environment has been improved, suitable for the survival of the Northeast leopard and other animals.

1 20, 7 pm, a suspected northeast leopard large feline animal appeared in Hunchun city to circle river crossings on the road, this picture is driving on the way to work, the Frontier Corps Ring River bus station inspection recorder to capture.

recorder, when the vehicle is running out of Xiaopanling tunnel in Hunchun is about 500 meters, a large feline animal appeared in the road, and on the left side of the road and the car running the same direction, when the car approached, frightened it jumped into a roadside mountain forest, disappeared in the sea. According to witnesses on the car, police officer Wang Shuai introduced, the cat can be larger objects, but smaller than the northeast tiger, larger than the wild, there are obvious leopard stripes, he speculated that the Northeast leopard.

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