Don’t see my father returning to Indian cricket: Lait Modi’s son Ruchir to India Today

first_imgThe Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) elections, which were scheduled to be held today, have now been cancelled on the grounds that the provisions of the state Sports Act are not in accordance with the guidelines set by the Lodha Committee as the polls were scheduled to take place under their aegis.In an exclusive chat with India Today, Ruchir Modi, son of Lalit Modi, who is contesting in the RCA election, talks about his father being no longer interested in coming back to cricket administration and justifies the decision to cancel the election.Here are the excerpts:Q. The elections have been called off. What’s the road ahead now because RCA elections have been one contentious issue involving your father, you and CP Joshi.Ruchir Modi: Election was called off because the Lodha Committee reforms were not adopted by the RCA. The election officer decided to call it off, in consultation with the Ombudsman. Lodha reforms were a watershed moment in Indian cricket and surely they need to be adopted first.  Q. People in RCA and of course in BCCI have always claimed that your father has brought disrepute to the game. Also, allegations are that your father Lalit Modi will be controlling the RCA if you are elected and you will only be his proxy here?Modi: My father has done a lot for the sport. Who created IPL, developed cricket in Rajasthan, brought redevelopment in Rajasthan cricket stadium. I am not my father’s proxy. My father encourages me not to take stand in RCA elections but it’s my decision to fight these elections in RCA.   advertisementQ. Will you seek your father’s advise because he knows the BCCI and RCA administration from close quarters or will you act all by your own?Modi: My father is my idol. He has changed the system in Indian cricket. Why not seek advice from my father? But what I execute on the ground will be my decision. I will do and execute as per my will and vision.Q. Rival faction, led by CP Joshi, has claimed that you don’t have the necessary numbers to win, so you are responsible for the cancellation of these elections how true is that?Modi: Any facts about me trying to cancel election is preposterous. It’s Mr Joshi’s imagination that I was responsible for cancelling the election. We will see who wins the elections. The election was cancelled by the election officer who is working under the guidance of a justice.Q. You won a contentious election from Alwar, and also your candidature is still not cleared, yet to be ratified by the returning officer. Isn’t it?Modi: I haven’t filed my nominations so far. My election in Alwar happened completely legally. If anyone finds something wrong why don’t they go the courts.Q. The numbers, as has been claimed, seem to be in favour of CP Joshi faction. Are you confident you can pull it off?Modi: I can’t say who is going to win, me or Mr Joshi. Elections will happen and then only we will know. As of now we don’t even know when the elections will happen, that is for the court to decide.Q. If and when your father plans to come back to India, can we see you and your father back at the RCA together?Modi: As for my father, he has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with Indian cricket, he has hung up his boots from cricket. I don’t see him coming back and running the affairs of cricket. That’s for me to figure out how I run the RCA if I get elected. I will seek his support but I don’t see him coming back and running the affairs.last_img

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