Hebei financial investment situation is still fermenting a number of high level survey was taken awa

an enterprise, in the development of the market, if not able to size up the situation, advancing with the times, it is easy to be eliminated by the market. This time, Hebei financial investment situation is still in fermentation, resulting in a number of high-level investigation was taken away. On the specific situation, we look at the following detailed reports.

Hebei financial investment situation is still in fermentation. The day before the news, Hebei financial investment in a number of senior survey was taken away, so this is the debt collection company creditors queuing deeper into crisis, and behind the expansion of business guarantee ultra violations by the market attention again, reflects the guarantee industry chaos once again lead to hot.

Hebei financial investment resurgence storm

recently, there is news that, as of now, the original river Beirong cast party secretary Li Lingcheng, a subsidiary of Hebei financial investment guarantee general manager Ma Guobin, as well as the guarantee business, Cathay Pacific Group Chairman Peng Guochang, chairman Zhang Yingjie Jialong high tech have been taken away. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters and reporters to verify the news when the relevant parties did not comment.

, however, analysts have said that the investigation was taken away from the normal level, because the financial investment in Hebei has been deeply involved in the vortex of breach nearly two years, many creditors have called for regulators to come forward to solve.

as China’s second largest Guarantee Corporation, Hebei financial investment events to be traced back to 2014. July 2014, Hebei financial investment guarantee project Haicang former legal representative of the capital Jiang Tao with 400 million yuan of funds to flee, press the Hebei financial investment default switch". Subsequently, Hebei financial investment and a series of information disclosure from the failure to fulfill the responsibility of the management of the product breach of contract, the company into a guarantee storm, financial institutions and investors have been dragged into the abyss.

as of now, Hebei financial investment guarantee, a conservative estimate of about $50 billion, involving banks, trusts, funds, P2P total of more than 50 financial institutions, bank funds at least 20 billion yuan, but the company has lost the ability to guarantee.

in fact, the amount of Hebei financial investment guarantee has also exceeded its capacity. According to business information, the company registered capital of 4 billion 200 million yuan, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the financing guarantee liability balance shall not exceed 10 times the net assets, which only has cast Beirong River 42 billion yuan guarantee capacity.

guarantee industry chaos are frequent

in order to obtain high yields, Hebei financial investment in the leverage rate at risk.

a bank who told the Beijing Daily reporter, the enterprise is in a bank loan to the bank, in order to reduce the risk, generally do not direct loans to enterprises, but require the borrower to find third party guarantee institutions for security, security agencies in charge accordingly recommended

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