Why do college students fail easily

The number of

graduates in college students after graduation employment pressure is increasing, however, the government has introduced so many policies to encourage students to entrepreneurship, but why the number of entrepreneurs is still scanty? I am a college student, often see some of these articles on the Internet, not experienced, may not speak right, but I think these reasons for college entrepreneurship tend to fail the summary should not is nonsense, otherwise you can in my blog I cursed.

as an ordinary university student 80, I have seen a lot of independent business case, but most of the 80 or the entrepreneurial deeds, now why these young generation would venture so indifferent? According to the social reality can refer to a word "surge in employment pressure, lack of internal entrepreneurship". Now I will sum up my own income.

1, entrepreneurial passion and confidence

most of our students in these generations have a little idea of starting their own businesses, but there are very few people who do so. The key is the lack of entrepreneurial passion and self-confidence. Seen in a Shanghai college business plan contest summary contest first prize winner, with their almost perfect business plan impressed all of the judges topped the throne, but said his plan in question is "Utopian", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. What do you think of the first point? Do you think you’re not that stupid,


2, the spirit of innovation,

now, social entrepreneurship, innovative spirit is essential. We can choose technological innovation, or we can choose thinking innovation. Have you thought about what advantage you have in yourself,


3, seeking truth from facts,

President Mao Zedong has always stressed the spirit of seeking truth from facts, which is applicable in all circumstances. If you want to start a business, do you have any ideas? Do you have any money? Maybe it’s a little silly. The key is to emphasize, now, college students generally despise the traditional industries, not from small things, from the actual courage to start. In the minds of many college students, the idea of starting a business is doing great business. I can’t do such a small thing. As you all know, starting from the hour is the foundation of your understanding of the market and the operation of the business.

4, pay attention to learning

is never too old to learn. Even if you have started a business, also want to continue to learn, a lot of new business ideas, knowledge management and so on all the time in the update, only with the pace of the times, pay attention to the learning of talent is the best candidate for entrepreneurship.

5, hard struggle,

80 lack of hard-working spirit. This sentence may not be suitable for some friends, but there is a widespread phenomenon, the single child let us many people are more or less be spoiled, so in reality always cannot have a good grasp of their own, feeling.

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