10 self-care ideas to survive election night during a global pandemic

first_img2. Schedule a therapy appointmentMental health care is health care. Whether you’ve been in therapy before or not, there’s not a bad time to start. Of course, not all therapists are available at all hours, so this suggestion does require a bit of planning if you want to schedule your appointment literally on Election Day or the day after. If your election anxiety or malaise really kicks in, it’s a perfectly valid use of time to research local therapists, check out your insurance coverage, or find reduced-cost clinics in your area. There are also a number of virtual therapy sources that can be especially useful given the pandemic, or if you have disabilities that make access a barrier. And if you need support in the moment, don’t hesitate to check out free, 24/7 hotlines and text lines, including those listed below. You are not alone!3. Take a (socially distant) walk- Advertisement – – Advertisement – If you live in an area where you can safely (and with a face mask, of course) get outside for a walk, give it a try! Research shows that walking can be good for mental health. With a little planning, you may even be able to connect with a local animal shelter to walk a dog that’s up for adoption. If mobility is an issue, even sitting on the front steps or by an open window can be a relief.4. Do some free yoga or stretches at homeOne of the most freeing aspects of yoga is that you don’t need to be good at it to give it a try. There are countless free YouTube videos for all levels, including beginners and people with disabilities, that can guide you in some safe stretching. Obviously, consult with your doctor before trying new exercises!- Advertisement – 5. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or airplane modeNot being glued to your phone at any point in 2020 sounds a little surreal, but if you’re feeling anxious, you genuinely do not need to be connected on election night. You can give people in your life a heads up that you’ll be out of reach, or direct people to email you instead. Different phones also have options for you to customize the receipt of incoming calls and texts, so a loved one could still get through to you in case of an emergency. 6. Schedule time to chat with friends or familyOkay, so the key for this approach to be effective is to chat with your people ahead of time and make sure you’re on the same page for the purpose of this interaction. Letting people know that you don’t want to talk about the election—whether it’s the way results are leaning, what states are in, what Trump has tweeted into the abyss, and so on—before you actually jump on the phone may help people resist the urge to blurt out whatever’s happening on election night. After all, some people may deal with election anxiety by talking it out. All good provided you communicate what your needs are. 7. Get comfortable in your kitchenRemember that yeast and flour you yearned for a few weeks into the pandemic? If you were lucky enough to get your hands on some, you might try your hand at baking some bread. Or a savory dinner. Or challenge yourself to use up whatever’s in your pantry. If you truly want to be internet-free, you can always turn to a cookbook or download recipes ahead of time. You can also sort through food—making sure it’s not already expired or damaged—your family doesn’t actually want or need and see about donating it to a local shelter or mutual aid group.8. Get free mental health support from an app or hotlineIf you’re not able to meet with a personal therapist (or you are and want additional support), don’t hesitate to check out free, 24/7 support hotlines and text services. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-82559, the Crisis Text Line (text HOME to 741741), or the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 are free, 24/7 options for support. The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 is an incredible option for LGBTQ youth, and also offers text and chat services.The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is another excellent free resource, though it’s limited in availability to Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM ET. The number is 1-800-950-NAMI (6264). 9. Try a guided meditationSimilar to guided yoga or stretching, there are tons of free guided meditations you can check out. Some subscription services offer apps that provide additional support for a fee, but you can find plenty for free. If you aren’t eager to try meditation, you can also try guided breathing and grounding exercises. Journaling can be helpful in combination with this, too. 10. Pull up some comfort TVObviously if you want a totally screen-free evening, TV isn’t the way to go. But if you do want to comfortably zone out for a few hours, there are numerous options to stream your content. If you don’t subscribe to a streaming service, YouTube actually has a ton of content available for free, including documentaries, interviews, artist talks, and more. You can also get educational and stream various talks, like TED Talks, for free online too. And just like with reading, you can support marginalized creators by actively streaming, renting, buying, or requesting their media. You can also rent DVDs from your library with a bit of planning ahead.If you do tune in to social media, use a timer to limit how long you spend. On certain sites like Twitter, you can also mute certain words and phrases in your privacy settings to cut down on that content showing up in your feed.If you or someone you know is in need of emotional support, don’t hesitate to contact The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 for free, confidential help, 24/7. This number also has options for Spanish speakers and hard-of-hearing callers. You are not alone! 1. Read a book by someone who is not like youWhat was the last book you read by a person not like yourself? What does that even mean? Maybe you, a white man, haven’t read a book by a woman of color in a long time. Maybe you’ve never read a novel by a trans woman. Maybe you, a white woman, can’t remember the last nonfiction book you read by a Native woman. Maybe you’ve never read a book by a non-binary person. There are a number of roundups for recommendations for just these sorts of reading journeys. If you have the funds to purchase a book, this is also a small effort toward shifting the scales of economic inequality among marginalized folks. But, the library is also an excellent move here, as are audiobooks. Comic books are solid fun. You could also queue up some long-read articles that have been sitting in your browser since the pandemic hit. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Ray Clemence: Former England, Liverpool and Tottenham goalkeeper dies aged 72 | Football News

first_imgDuring his career at Liverpool and Tottenham Clemence made 61 appearances for England between 1972 and 1983, a figure which would undoubtedly have been significantly higher but for the presence of Peter Shilton.An Achilles injury sustained against Norwich in October 1987 forced Clemence to retire from playing in 1988. He later joined the coaching staff at Tottenham and England as well as managing Barnet between 1994 and 1996. Clemence played 240 times for Tottenham. Credit: David Cannon/Allsport
Image:Clemence played 240 times for Tottenham. Credit: David Cannon/Allsport – Advertisement – Clemence made 665 appearances for Liverpool during a long and distinguished career. Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport
 Image:Clemence made 665 appearances for Liverpool during a long and distinguished career. Credit: Allsport UK/Allsport Clemence began his career at Scunthorpe United in 1966 where he made 46 appearances for the third division club before Liverpool manager Bill Shankly bought the 18-year-old for £18,000 in June 1967.- Advertisement – He made his league debut for Spurs against Middlesbrough in August 1981 and went on to play 240 times for the London club.Injury forced Clemence to forfeit his place in the side for the 1984 UEFA Cup final win over Anderlecht, but he was on the bench in a match famously won when Tony Parks saved twice during the penalty shootout.He reached a fifth FA Cup final in 1987 when Spurs lost to Coventry City and became one of a select group of players to appear in five or more FA Cup finals. Clemence, seen here on international duty in 1972, made 61 appearances for EnglandImage:Clemence, seen here on international duty in 1972, made 61 appearances for England He won 61 England caps, which would undoubtedly have been many more had he not been competing with Peter Shilton, who accumulated 125, for the No 1 shirt.“With great sadness, we write to let you know that Ray Clemence passed away peacefully today, surrounded by his loving family,” said a statement from the Clemence family.“After fighting so hard, for such a long time, he’s now at peace and in no more pain.- Advertisement – Former Liverpool, Tottenham and England goalkeeper Ray Clemence has died at the age of 72, the Football Association has announced.Clemence, who won three European Cups and five First Division titles during a trophy-laden spell at Anfield, was arguably one of the greatest goalkeepers of his generation.- Advertisement – “The family would like to say a huge thank you, for all the love and support that he’s received over the years.“He was loved so much by us all and he will never be forgotten.” The young goalkeeper had to bide his time in the reserves before replacing Tommy Lawrence on a permanent basis during the 1969-70 campaign.Clemence made an incredible 665 appearances for the Reds winning five league titles, three European Cups, two UEFA Cups, the European Super Cup, FA Cup and League Cup.He played 336 games without missing a single match from September 1972 until March 1978 while only two players have made more first-team appearances for the club, Ian Callaghan and Jamie CarragherLiverpool’s 1-0 win over Real Madrid in the 1981 European Cup final at the Parc des Princes turned out to be Clemence’s last game for the Reds before he joined Tottenham for £300,000.last_img read more

Cooperation between Valamar Riviera and the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Schools of the Republic of Croatia

first_imgAn agreement on cooperation between Valamar Riviera and the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Schools of the Republic of Croatia was signed today in Rabac’s Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior.Thirty participants from schools and institutions throughout Croatia, including representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education, got acquainted with Valamar’s successful work on professional internships, scholarships and youth employment programs through a two-day program. A new initiative in the field of cooperation with tourism and hospitality schools called “Knowledge to Excellence” was announced, and other Valamar initiatives in the field of socially responsible business were presented.The Croatian Hospitality and Tourism School Association, as one of Valamar Riviera’s partners in the “Knowledge to Excellence” project, will bring 500 students and professors to Valamar’s destinations in October to learn about the company’s potential for comprehensive youth career development – from scholarships, internships to employment in tourism. “It is very important for the community to have a strategic partnership with employers who promote, value and give the best opportunity for personal and professional development of young people who are studying for tourism and hospitality professions. Valamar is a very good example of an employer that, through a quality connection with educational institutions and open door policy, offers attractive jobs and develops a career in tourism.”, Said Ksenija Beljan, president of the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Schools of Croatia, otherwise the director of the Hotel and Tourism School in Opatija.Through organized visits to Valamar’s facilities and destinations with expert accompaniment, young people gain valuable experience of dynamics in tourism, a wealth of information about the company, gain new acquaintances and contacts and are encouraged on their own path of development and education. “It is important for Valamar to be a partner to schools and institutions, thus providing support to young people in training for occupations in tourism; By providing numerous opportunities for scholarships, internships, employment and career development, Valamar makes working in tourism truly attractive and innovative and safe in the long run. Valamar is also continuously improving in the field of mentoring young people in accordance with new educational needs”, Said Nevena Tolanov, Head of Human Resources Development at Valamar Riviera.last_img read more

The Advent organization has entered the “mainstream,” and that’s great news

first_imgThe organization of Advent has entered the “mainstream”, and every year more and more cities organize their Advent.  Until a few years ago it was unthinkable, but today every slightly bigger city has its own Advent and that is great news. Primarily because of the quality content that raises the quality in every city, and there is of course the tourist component.However, we should not look at other Adventists as a competition, and no Advent can be the greatest, because let’s be realistic, you can’t compete with Advent in Zagreb. This is told by pure calculus and the law of large numbers. When we look at the economy, consumption, population as well as tourists – Zagreb is simply Zagreb and you can’t compete with it, no matter how great they are. And that’s why you don’t use prefixes like you have a little Advent like in Vienna or like in Zagreb. Copies are copies, be your own and original. Yes, you can see and “copy” some good ideas, a way of arranging, a solution to how they solved a problem, and maybe just some element that you liked, turn on the light and you get an idea for something new and different. But every Advent can be the most creative, the most innovative, the most beautiful, the different, etc.… there is an opportunity to show yourself and position yourself. Thus, this year’s Advent in Varaždin has the first and only igloo bar and ice slide, Vinkovci Advent is unique in the content of the big Christmas concert held at the windows of Vinkovci Gymnasium, while Šibenik Adventure as the first environmentally conscious Advent in Croatia.Last and perhaps most importantly, organizing Advent in your city is first and foremost great content for the locals. It generates consumption, employment and raises quality in the city. Events like Advent are primarily quality content for locals and visitors, at least when it comes to organizing Advent in smaller cities. If you are aiming for something evening, such as the cities of Split, Rijeka, Zadar, etc.…  view your region as your primary market and base. It is certainly most important to invest in quality and diverse content that will be a motive for the arrival of citizens and visitors from surrounding cities and municipalities. Only quality content can attract visitors, both locals and visitors from the surrounding area, and thus generates consumption and earnings for caterers and other exhibitors, and thus create a complete tourist product.Quality content, of course, requires more investment, but only in this way can we ensure good attendance, and thus consumption. Because don’t forget that every exhibitor, whether a restaurant or an exhibitor at the fair, has to pay the rent, cover the costs and of course make a profit, and this can only happen if a certain number of people come and tourist spending is generated. On the other hand, each of these cottages employs at least two people, orders goods, invests in decorating, etc.… so that consumption as part of the event only increases.If you set up only a couple of houses and a pine tree, and do not invest in arranging the entire space and various contents, there will be nothing from the whole story. Only quality content attracts people. Thus, investing in lamps and decorating the entire space is not a cost, but an important factor that affects the overall ambience of the event. Involve local people, associations, individuals, the more content the better. Also, local bands are an important part of the story, not every concert can or must be some big name on the music scene. On the contrary, it is better to invest in 5 smaller concerts, and famous bands and musicians, than in one big and “mega” concert where the cost of the performer alone is over 60.000 kn (excluding taxes).  Of course, big cities require more famous and “more expensive” musicians, especially if you count on the tourist component as a motive for coming. But again, that’s just one item, and it’s certainly not crucial. The most important is the diverse and quality content, the arrangement of the space and the overall atmosphere and story around the event, and less the top musical names from the stage.It is the greatest power of tourism that connects other industries vertically and horizontally, encourages employment and the generated consumption is dispersed in various sectors. That is why investments in manifestations are investments, not costs.Don’t be copies, be unique, be your own. Tell your story. QUALITY CONTENT CREATES THE MOTIVE OF ARRIVAL AND ATTENDANCE WHICH GENERATES CONSUMPTION AND FINALLY EARNINGS. THIS IS THE ONLY WINNING FORMULA.last_img read more

Ryanair connects Dubrovnik and Split four times a week

first_img“Ryanair is pleased to be able to announce the first flights from Dubrovnik and Split to Dublin, departing four times a week from June, as part of the expanded 2019 summer schedule, which also includes new flights from Zadar to Cologne, Hamburg and Nuremberg. ” said Ivana Hanjš, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Europe. Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, has launched its first flights to Dubrovnik and Split from Dublin, four times a week since June, as part of its largest Croatian summer schedule to date 2019, which also includes flights from Zadar to Cologne, Hamburg and Nuremberg.last_img read more

1.281 meetings were held as part of the first national congress exchange MEETEX

first_img“Croatia, as the leading congress-incentive destination in this part of Europe, successfully presented itself to customers through the efforts of the organizers, the support of sponsors and the professional presentation of services and the professionalism of all exhibitors. This is confirmed by the fact that there were specific inquiries on the stock exchange for the organization of meetings and incentive trips to Croatia and from new customers. This is a great ‘new start’ and the basis for further stronger branding of Croatia as a business tourism destination, since as a brand on the European and world market we are predominantly perceived as a holiday destination.”, Said Adem Braco Suljić, director of MEETEX. In two working days, a total of 1.281 one-on-one meetings were held with exhibitors from all over Croatia, the organizers point out. Foreign buyers arrived from 21 countries across Europe, and meetings were held with representatives of individual Croatian professional associations and corporations that are organizers of major business events. The working part of MEETEX was moderated by domestic and foreign experts in the field of business tourism. In addition to the working part of the program, the participants were organized a social program through which they experienced Zagreb as a high quality destination for business tourism. Students of the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, majoring in Tourism, also visited the stock exchange. The first edition of MEETEX brought together 60 foreign business customers from specialized agencies, corporations and international professional associations. Among the total of 72 exhibitors, 56 were representatives of hotels, PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) and DMC (Destination Management Company) and tourist boards, and the other sixteen were representatives of companies providing technical and production services in business tourism. The exchange was held from March 19 to 21 at The Westin Hotel in Zagreb, organized by the Croatian Association of Congress Tourism Professionals (HUPKT) and the company Innovative Events. The first national congress exchange MEETEX (Croatian Meeting Experience Summit) was successfully completed. Given the success of the first business exchange, Ranko Filipović, President of HUPKT, said that MEETEX will continue its work in the coming years. “We believe that MEETEX, with all the necessary market communication activities carried out by the CNTB and tourist boards at lower levels, will be an important ‘lever’ in achieving the goal of sales growth and profitability in business tourism markets”, Concluded Filipović.last_img read more

Oman introduced electronic visa issuance system

first_imgThis is due to the government’s extensive tourism campaigns led by the Ministry of Tourism. A senior official at the Ministry of Tourism said we continue to see an increasing number of regional and global tourists visiting Oman year after year to experience its hospitality and beauty first hand. The e-visa for Oman was launched in March 2018, and foreign travelers wishing to visit Oman as a tourist can request an e-visa to travel within the country. Applicants can get a valid electronic permit by filling out an online visa application, which is quite simple and intuitive. Croatia is among the large number of countries eligible for the Omani e-visa. Oman offers several different types of e-visas. One-time stay for up to 10 days, one-time stay for up to 30 days, one-time stay for GCC residents valid for 28 days and multiple entry visa for one year valid for a total stay of 30 days. A very interesting project of the Omani government to implement e-visas will surely attract many new visitors who want to visit the Sultanate. This system will facilitate the visa issuance process, which is often very laborious and time consuming. Omani e-visa / omanevisaonline.com Furthermore, he said he would continue the government’s efforts to boost tourism. “We regularly participate in international tourism events and travel fairs to raise global awareness of Oman and what makes it a diverse and rich tourist destination. Our goal is to promote Oman to new international markets and position the Sultanate as a year-round rather than a seasonal destination.” To meet the growing number of visa requirements, the Government of Oman has launched a new e-visa system.”This is one of the most secure systems in the world, which seeks to monitor technical progress and facilitate and simplify the process of obtaining visas. The expansion and transformation of Muscat International Airport is a timely national venture designed to increase the airport’s capacity in line with the ever-growing number of visitors to the Sultanate. By 2040, our goal is to reach the number of tourist arrivals of 11 million, as shown in the Omani Tourism Strategy for 2040.” In addition, they have established coordination and collaboration with the local and public private sector to encourage them to help them establish unique attractions in all the Sultanate Provinces that will reflect Omani culture and heritage. Explaining the government’s intense campaigns, the official mentioned in an interview that visiting Oman has become even easier. Oman is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. You can find more about the Omani e-visa HERE.last_img read more

For the first time, the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board has announced a public call for support for regional and local events

first_imgDuring the first six months, the increase in the number of overnight stays in Slavonia and Baranja amounted to 16 percent, and in July, the month in which tourists most often chose sea holiday destinations, an additional increase in overnight stays was recorded in this continental county. how much.  Foto: TZ Osječko-baranjske županije Prijave su otvorene do 26. kolovoza, a više informacija saznajte HERE Javni poziv se odnosi isključivo za događanja koja se održavaju od 4. 9. do 31. 12. u 2019. godini, a ukupni budžet iznosi 123.826,55 kn prema Odluci o raspodjeli sredstava za regionalna i lokalna događanja Turističkog vijeća Hrvatske turističke zajednice.center_img Po prvi puta, Turistička zajednica Osječko-baranjske županije objavila je Javni poziv za potpore regionalnim i lokalnim događanjima na području Osječko-baranjske županije u 2019. godini. OSJEČKO-BARANJSKA ŽUPANIJA U SRPNJU BILJEŽI REKORDNI PORAST NOĆENJA OD 17 POSTO last_img read more

The CNTB is conducting a promotional campaign for outdoor advertising in Brussels

first_imgAs part of the campaign, 25 buses and trams run through Brussels, where citizens of the European Union capital and numerous visitors can see Croatian motifs with an emphasis on the nautical tourism product. Advertising activities are also carried out through large posters that are placed in the stations of the Brussels metro, in the city center and in the so-called. “European Quarter”, in selected attractive city locations and through large digital screens positioned in the busiest positions within Brussels Airport, which annually has over 26 million passengers. Photo: Croatian National Tourist Board Ivan Novak, director of the CNTB Representation for the Benelux countries, also points out the positive results of the promotional campaign. “We present our country as a highly desirable tourist destination for one million inhabitants of the Belgian capital, employees of numerous international institutions such as the EU, NATO and Eurocontrol, representatives of more than a thousand international associations and lobbying offices and employees of international corporations. We will also include over 350 thousand Belgians who travel to Brussels every day for work, and a part of the almost 4 million business and tourist visitors who visit this city on average every year.”, Said Novak. The Croatian National Tourist Board is conducting a large promotional campaign for outdoor advertising in Brussels, marking the beginning of Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union. Brussels Airport “The Croatian presidency of the Council of the EU is an ideal opportunity for additional promotion of our country, so on the eve of the very beginning of the presidency, we started this campaign, which we believe will have positive promotional effects. We also support the time frame of the campaign, which fits perfectly into the Belgian “tourist” calendar, as market research by the umbrella association of Belgian tour operators ABTO shows that guests from Belgium in the period from December to February usually book their holidays”, Said the director of the CNTB Kristjan Staničić, adding that in Croatia from the Belgian market last year there were more than 220 thousand arrivals and almost a million overnight stays. During January and mid-February, public transport, buses, trams, the airport and the busiest and most representative city locations in Brussels will be adorned with Croatian motifs, all with the aim of further highlighting the youngest and most beautiful member presiding over the European Union.last_img read more